The World War was just their fault


In his old age, Mr. Georg Brandes is renouncing the womb from which he came and even decided to throw out interviewers, to whom he had spoken and responded just before the toss. His present stance towards the press is formulated most accurately as follows: in response to a question, Brandes clarified that, in his presentation in Berlin, he did not speak against the press generally and had merely said that, without the press, the World War would have been inconceivable. He has nothing against these gentlemen, the World War was just their fault. But I—the old overestimator of the press that I am—can respond only with the succinct question applicable to all situations in life: who are you telling? … And he was telling the gentlemen from the press.


Karl Kraus

Translated by Peter Winslow



Source text


Kraus, K. “Sie sind bloß am Weltkrieg schuld.” Die Fackel. Nos. 686-690 (1925): 79. Print.