Two runners


Two runners run along the times,

one brazen, one with fear in mind:

who but of naught his own goal acquires;

who comes of the origin, en route expires.

the one, who of naught his goal acquired,

makes way for the en route expired.

And this one, ever fear in mind,

has reached the origin at all times.


Karl Kraus[1]

Translated by Brigitte Stocker & Peter Winslow





[1] Two things. First, Nicholas Corwin, a professional German to English translator, has read and offered valuable advice regarding an earlier version of this translation; any errors of translation that may remain are the sole responsibility of the translators. Second, please read the accompanying blog piece here.



Source text


Kraus, K. “Zwei Läufer.” Die Fackel. No. 300 (1910): 32. Print.